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Advisory Team

Andrew Shakhmatoff, Balta Insurance, former Managing Director, Riga, EU

Mr. Shakhmatoff acted as a managing director for Balta Insurance, one of the key players in the Baltic insurance market. Being hired to bring the company out of crisis, he started with cutting company costs and raising efficiency by implementing advanced workflow and document management solution.

Mr. Shakhmatoff’s help and expertise have been great assistance to Dexik when building our great solutions for insurance industries.

Tom Kay, PMP, former Director of Operations, Manatee County, FL

Mr. Tom Kay has a tremendous experience in court document management and case management. With his over 30 years of experience in legal field, Mr. Kay was instrumental in building the revolutionary Court Case Management System, eCOURTeSY. This solution combines functionality of case management, document management, and workflow systems.

Mr. Kay is an important contributor to Dexik products and services, constantly sharing his experience as a consulting Project Manager in major CMS and ECM implementation projects for courts.