Key Products and Services Enterprise Content Management

Key Products and Services

“Dexik specializes in providing easy to use and deploy document management solutions at unbeatable price. Each customer is unique and should be treated personally. We are not trying to be called “the largest DMS provider” in the market, we would rather be called “the best DMS provider.”
– Kirill Budilov, VP and CTO, Dexik.

Enterprise Content Management

With Dexik Workflow Solution, we combined years of experience with business automation software. As a result, we are ready to demonstrate you a simple, yet powerful tool to streamline any business process.
With many competitors in the market, we do understand that it's going to be a challenge, but we are sure that you are going to like our product, and here are main reasons why:

You are "in control" of your solution, you do not need us to change workflow processes, UIs or actions;

We do provide with the full set of API and samples and you can build something on your own. Only you should control the front-end and your staff will be happy;

Simple & Powerful
You have a set of "blocks" out-otf-the-box that will let you build up to medium complexity solution and have a set of API to let you build anything you dream about;

Technologically Advanced
Our product is based on the most advanced technology, introduced by Microsoft - Microsoft .NET 2.0, but if you prefer Java - you are welcome, we have Java API integrated too;

With our product you are able to achieve the maximum security level for your information. We have multiple security levels: from securing transport from server to client and vice versa to securing data and images with your own key (!);

Scalability and performance are middle names for our system. From the day one, system was oriented to allow you scaling your solution with minimal hardware costs;

With our system we are able to replicate any solution built on the top market brands, like: FileNet, Exigen, Documentum.

New features added in this release:

Video and audio capture.

Work collaboration.

Windows Server 2008 support.

Microsoft InfoPath integration.

Node Monitoring Tool for improved system management.

Over 300 small, but useful enhancements throughout the product. If you want to see full list of enhancements and bug fixes – please contact Dexik Support at