Key Products and Services Enterprise Content Management

Key Products and Services

“Dexik specializes in providing easy to use and deploy document management solutions at unbeatable price. Each customer is unique and should be treated personally. We are not trying to be called “the largest DMS provider” in the market, we would rather be called “the best DMS provider.”
– Kirill Budilov, VP and CTO, Dexik.

Enterprise Content Management

Dexik Workflow Solution, DexFLOW, combines document management with powerful workflow automation at the unbeatable price. A leading content management product, DexFLOW:

Requires little to no coding so you do not spend a fortune on services.

Is easily customized to meet any customer requirements.

Can be integrated with a great range of software you already have: MS Office Suite, Microsoft Great Plain Dynamics, MS SharePoint, Crystal Reports, CourtView, etc.

Combines document imaging, case/customer management, document management, records management and a workflow in a single platform.

Automates identification, indexing, classification, and filing of imaged documents regardless of how they’re captured

Offers both Windows and thin-client interfaces.

DexFLOW allows organizations to automate business processes, reduce the time and cost of performing important business functions, improve organizational efficiency, and address the need for governance, risk and compliance through the management and control of content from virtually any source.

The DexFLOW solution focuses on managing the input, output, archival, and management of data in a multitude of ways, providing efficient management tools to maximize data, utilize the data, and enable your core systems to interface with DexFLOW. In short, DexFLOW will:

Reduce paper handling and storage

Eliminate lost documents

Provide faster access to information

Provide online access to information that was formerly available only on paper

Improve control over documents and document-oriented processes

Streamline time-consuming business processes

Increase document security

Implement detailed document audit trail

Provide metrics to help measuring productivity, and identifying process efficiency

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