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“Dexik specializes in providing easy to use and deploy document management solutions at unbeatable price. Each customer is unique and should be treated personally. We are not trying to be called “the largest DMS provider” in the market, we would rather be called “the best DMS provider.”
– Kirill Budilov, VP and CTO, Dexik.

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Dexik Workflow Solution: Taking Care of Environment and Your Processing Needs Has Never Been so Easy


Doing business is a privilege and responsibility, especially in modern economies concerned with resource conservation and increasing effectiveness of the business. The competition in many industries is fierce and businesses are trying to improve their processes, increase performance, engage automation, and go paperless.
Going paperless not only allows saving forests, water, and electricity, but can be a major contributing factor in saving on operation costs. Recent studies show that an average company spends $20 to file a document, $120 to find a misfiled document, and $220 to restore a lost document. All these tasks become much easier with the Electronic Document Management System implemented. If EDMS is accompanied with Workflow System, not only it makes it easier to find a misfiled document, but it becomes very hard to file a document incorrectly at all.
There are several guidelines that we strictly follow when building Dexik workflow:

Capture system should be robust and support different ways of automation, such as OCR, ICR, full-text search, double-key indexing, barcode recognition, and other processes, which allows minimizing and sometimes even preventing human factor errors.

A workflow system should include post-verification steps to flag documents that do not match certain criteria. The system should support easy-to-use search capabilities to effectively re-file document if an error occurs.

While system should possess a large set of pre-defined processes, adjusting or altering the standard processes per customer’s requests should be easy and cost-efficient.

While Dexik Workflow Solution is powerful suite out-of-the-box, it also possesses wide customization capabilities, from custom scriptable “user actions”, scriptable automatic script, and adjustable forms to implementation of custom modules.

Since the early introduction of electronic document management system in 1990, the market has changed and the suites changed with it. When the market was evolving, a large number of small and medium size companies were keeping the product competitive at fair price to the customer. Later on, the story changed, and now customers are usually heavily overcharged for mediocre products and services. The average industry service rates rose to 250$ per hour and more. At the same time, the solution prices increased 5 to 10 times.

As a result of pricing changes, it became harder for small and medium-sized businesses to get the ROI (Return of Investment) on the Workflow and Document Management System in considerable amount of time. The longer ROI time means that the company will probably end up with the outdated software trying to return their investment.

Dexik’s goal is to provide software and solution to a wide range of businesses at fair price. What is fair? The fair price is the price that businesses are comfortable to pay for the high quality service.

When this goal was declared by Dexik, we decided that our only chance to meet this goal is to create the software so powerful and at the same time so flexible that it would be very easy to provide solutions at minimal internal costs. Dexik Workflow Solution is modern application suite built on the latest technologies provided by the industry leader Microsoft.We are open to utilize Java platform too as our customer is the driver seat.

This brings us to the second point of our discussion. What is better: a standardized industry solution or the solution that fits customer’s business? What’s easier to change - people or software?

Companies are often searching for out-of-the-box solutions not realizing that it may not be the best fit. Some larger companies on the market often thrust customers their solutions that address common industry challenges but not necessarily fit the customer’s needs and expectations. Later on, a customer often realizes that changing the process to accommodate the proposed solution is very costly, but by that time purchasing decision is already made and customer struggles to fit” into the common business schema.

Additionally, custom development is considered to be costly and take longer time than out-of-the-box software.

Despite some common beliefs, changing software is easier than influencing the way how people work. People tend to do things the certain way especially when we are talking about clerks and other employees performing routine tasks.

Executing similar tasks day after day requires people to work out a certain pattern how they work, while changing even a small thing can disrupt their work. This disruption will cause loss of productivity and overall dissatisfaction with the job and software performance.

Of course the software should assume certain flexibility to adjust to user requirements, and a vendor should be willing to go that extra step for their customer for a reasonable price. Sadly, some vendors try to force their way on the customer denoting how the workflow works or user interface appears, and even to whom solution ownership belongs.

Dexik is always willing to go an extra step, which we believe is the right and honest thing to do. The customer is entitled to respectful treatment and all attention possible not just before the deal is signed but up until the work is completed.

A good example for one of the latest business models forced by some industry leading companies is “On-Demand”. While it is proven to be a very successful approach for some industries and customers – it is not a universal panacea for the industry. Some customers are more sensitive to their data and the software should fit both “On-Demand”, “On-Premises” and “Hosted” business models.

Dexik Workflow Solution is built to be a good fit for any business model. If you are a solution provider hosting solutions for your customer, DexFLOW will be a good fit. If you are a customer who wants to host the application outside, our solution easily fits this schema with the remote administration, configuration, and management tools. If you want to keep the full control of your data, images and process – Dexik Workflow Solution is the best fit saving customers time and money on hardware, software and maintenance expenses.

Some businesses are struggling with another dilemma: it may seem that their process either cannot be automated or will be too complex to automate. This may be true for off-the-shelf packaged solutions. The large and variable number of project participants, enormous quantity of information to manage, and the fact that projects must generally be started without complete information, it all makes automation of processes uniquely challenging. It is not just a matter of installing and configuring the basic software package.

Automation tools must be integrated into work processes, and the work processes must be fine-tuned to take full advantage of the automation. At the same time, work process changes shouldn’t be drastic; they should follow an easy evolutional path towards better information management. Sometimes even engaging the software solution provider who has deep industry knowledge and implementation experience may not be enough. The software should be powerful, flexible with multiple integration levels, and to gain the substantial benefits of automation, business owners must engage as a partner a software supplier who is experienced and ready to listen to their specific needs and challenges and understand the basic rules, keeping in mind that each customer is unique and the customer is always right.


Nowadays many companies are already facing significant, costly challenge of process automation. Other companies most probably will stand in front of the same problem in the near future.

Research conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management shows that organizations of various types will have to handle up to 10 times more information in 2011 compared to 2006, which means that companies with paper-based processes and archiving will literally drown in paper. Process automation together with electronic document management (ECM / EDMS / Workflow) will enable businesses to get prepared for the challenge.

Going paperless will both help the environment and make an organization more productive with easy, effective, and simultaneous access to valuable information from across the organization.

Hardware Costs Increase

For businesses implementing process automation and increasing overall system performance, new hardware purchasing is cost-prohibitive. Powerful hardware is often very expensive even when the company needs to purchase just several new servers for automation processes. It is not about the hardware itself – searching for the piece that meet company’s needs best, approval procedure, shipping, installation - all the process is money and time consuming.

Incomplete Utilization of System Capabilities

Business process automation limitations often lead to situations when system capabilities are not used to the full extent. For example, some processes are performed only on the server; while tens to hundreds of workstations are used only for user tasks. The workstation computers are usually in idle state for half or more time. Have you ever asked yourself: do I have a better way to use these resources?

Software Licensing Cost Increase

Purchasing new hardware for process automation and improving overall system performance lead to software licensing cost increase. Similar to purchasing new hardware, increasing software licenses cost doesn’t only mean new software purchase price but also costs associated with time spent for installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. Maintenance of software is another cost factor.

Low System Tasks Prioritization Capabilities

What process is more important – processing correspondence or new loss documents? Can the system automatically stop processing low-priority items and switch to the higher priority items? The answer can be critical to many process industries.

Software Management Cost Increase

Low prioritization capabilities, inability to use the system to full extent often are the reasons for expanding system administrators’ staff. For each process company, with annual task throughput increase the number of human work performed for software administration lead to another cost increases.

Inability to Force Immediate Task Execution

Inability to forbid a user to perform other work tasks (such as writing emails, filling in timecards, or surfing the web for personal needs) unless the primary job tasks are completed, often leads to decrease in performance and sometimes missed deadlines or service level agreements.

Existing System Replacement

Most of businesses that are already using some automation software, either purchased or home-grown, have worked out a certain pattern how the process goes. The challenge is to replace the existing system and keep the process the same to the extent of customer satisfaction. Most likely, the customer will be ready to change some processes, but most probably changing the whole thing is not an option. The evolution should be progressing at the pace the customer is comfortable with.

Growing Customer Expectations

On the one hand, the customer usually feels uncomfortable about changing their current process much, but on the other hand, users seek for newer looks and features that they see in other applications they use, like Microsoft Office. Combining existing functions with new features, functions and UI tendencies could be a tricky task if it hasn’t been a part of the product design. The Ultimate Solution: Dexik Workflow Solution

Dexik Workflow Solution helps businesses to overcome the challenges of process industries resulting in highly efficient business automation and greater profits. DexFLOW enables execution of predefined types of tasks remotely on any available resource in the network.
DexFLOW can be easily “complemented” with additional tasks and functions, both automated and user-driven. The functions provide integration with other software or storage solutions and can be used for building complex multi-client – multi-server solutions.
Dexik Workflow Solution is a powerful tool for work collaboration, workflow automation, and document management. The flexible platform and latest advanced technologies involved make Dexik Workflow Solution the ultimate solution for document management and workflow automation.

The Benefits

Listing all the benefits of electronic document management and workflow automation could turn this document into an endless list of benefits. This is why we’ll only focus on the most obvious ones.

Reduce Operation Costs

Implementing Dexik Workflow Solution will result in lower operation costs both by optimizing the process and by reducing a significant number of hardware and software necessary for business tasks execution. With Dexik Workflow Solution, there is no need to purchase new costly hardware and software. For business tasks of any complexity, there will always be a solution available if you have the right people on your side assisting you.

Improve Process Management

A highly efficient system, such as Dexik Workflow Solution, means you have multiple tools at your hands to automate and optimize the process. With various ways to automate (OCR, ICR, E-Mail Management, Barcode Reader, Form Generation, etc.) and validate user’s work, the work process will be streamlined to new efficiency levels. Such business process also becomes easier to handle from the management and administration standpoint. Automatic tasks prioritization capabilities will not involve human interaction; as a result, human error factor is eliminated.

Electronic Form Management

According to recent studies, about 85% of business processes heavily depend on different kinds of forms, and to a bigger surprise, most of the forms are still handled on paper. Going paperless with electronic forms will bring immediate result and almost instantly revolutionize your workflow.

Paper Challenges: Storing, Processing, Shredding

The paper documents require proper, permanent storage as well as process setup for destruction of sensitive information. Companies keep handling more and more paper documents, and the amount of paper is expected to grow at least ten times within the next 5 years. With the number of privacy and information disposal laws at the federal and state levels growingexponentially, disposing documents becomes a serious issue. Unauthorized access to a document or its parts could have serious consequences, both legal and commercial. Document redaction, document security and retention policies will greatly assist in handling this process. While you still have to decide what to do with the digitized documents, the whole burden will feel much lighter.

Job Prioritization

One of the Dexik Workflow benefits is the ability to determine job prioritization and force users to complete primary tasks before handling secondary work tasks (e-mail, time reports, etc.). Ultimately, this will result in overall processing performance increase.

Never Lose a Document

Implementing Dexik Workflow Solution significantly decreases a chance of the document being misplaced. Chances of losing a document are none as soon as the document is digitized. Searching for a document will take seconds, not even minutes.

Improve Satisfaction

An efficient industry operation eliminates unnecessary process management procedures enabling staff to focus on their direct tasks. The result is greater job satisfaction and increased productivity for both management staff and executor staff.

Dexik Workflow Solution: On the Edge of Technology

We believe that Dexik eCOURTeSY is the best choice in case management, workflow automation, and document management. A list of our primary arguments follows.


Dexik Workflow Solution architecture provides easy and effective load balancing: when you add another execution engine, or “agent”, the system already recognizes modules that can be executed by this agent and distributes workload automatically.
Customers can use the existing server machines and even workstation machines to execute the required tasks. All processing is “server-based”, that is, database and image repository access is limited to the server-server traffic. Thus we achieve faster access to the database and image repository and at the same time, make the system more secured.


Dexik Workflow Solution security cannot be breached from outside or inside. Users will only see what they are supposed to see, up to their current security status. Neither a system user nor a hacker from outside has a way to find out where data or images are located.
Dexik Workflow Solution provides a multi-tier security level, from HTTPS security for a web client and up to secured traffic. Dexik Dispatcher serves as a “gate” or “firewall” for all traffic in the system.

Newest Platforms

Dexik Workflow Solution is built on the Microsoft .NET 4.0 and Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 platforms. This combination greatly enhances visual capabilities of the product and makes the solution more expandable with the latest development features provided by Microsoft. In addition, Dexik Workflow Solution supports both x86 and x64 operating systems natively enabling the customer to use hardware to full extent.


At Dexik, we would like to say a special “THANK YOU” to our customers who helped us a lot by being involved in the product design process through feature requests. Analyzing requests from our customers helped us understand much more about their business and as a result – foresee and implement multiple integration points throughout the system. Without help of our customers, Dexik Workflow Solution would never be as great as it is.
DexFLOW integration includes automatic scripting on the server side (Barcode, OCR, Retention, Conversion, Validation, etc.), scriptable-buttons on the client side (all actions in the system are described by alterable scripts), and available integration of DLLs and modules developed by the client or VAR/VAD.

Ease of Use

Although statements above may look like the system is too complex – it is not. Integration points are additional options available for customers with more demanding businesses.
If a customer’s business process is relatively standard, the standard DexFLOW functions and server scripts will satisfy the needs. All configuration settings are visual and intuitively clear, allowing even novice administrators to navigate through the system without any problems.
Bottom line: if you have experienced programmers in your organization – good for you, we’ll give you all the tools. If you don’t have programmers or programming experience, you will be very much satisfied with the standard functionality. If you need something extra, Dexik is always ready and willing to help you.

Dexik Workflow Solution is a user-oriented system, with its management developed to be centralized and simple. That was achieved by following several basic concepts:

1) The system has a centralized tool for designing workflows and data dictionary, setting up users and groups, configuring automatic processes, distributing work between users and/or processes, and other basic functions.

2) Each system component has the automatic update mechanism, similar to cell self-reproduction cycle.

3) Installation and update packages have a centralized storage system to prevent version conflicts.

4) The system has an automatic monitoring and error-notification service.

Following these goals allowed us to build the system that is not only fast and efficient, but is also easily and efficiently manageable.

With all the wide range of functions provided, an administrator can successfully proceed with a minimum of three tools:

1) Configuration Manager: all-in-one tool for creating and modifying information structures, process flow, templates, users, groups, and security settings.

2) Monitor: program for monitoring system performance and statistics.

3) Automatic Process Profiler: special application for monitoring automatic processing steps and investigating any issues.

Lower Costs Mean Faster ROI

Dexik Workflow Solution is a lower cost system comparing to the majority of competitors. Depending on the solution requested, license pricing can be up to five times less than the one proposed by other companies in the market. As long as the software maintenance price is derived from the licenses cost, the same rule of saving applies to the maintenance bills.
The reason for the pricing difference is in the highly-effective business model implemented by Dexik. We only employ high-level professionals and keep our staff from expanding without actual needs from our customers. Our employees are smart, responsive, and efficient. Every person possesses unique knowledge in modern technologies and customer processes allowing the same group of employees to serve more customers, providing faster responses and better customer satisfaction. Most of our calls are answered within several hours, and that means problem resolution, not just plain problem registration.
Lower costs and superior software and support quality allow our customers to get their ROI faster than with other solutions.

The Dexik Workflow Solution consists of the following basic components:

Dexik Workflow Solution Server – a set of services and modules that resides on one or multiple enabling execution of all logical and business tasks of the case management and workflow and document management system. This server includes Workflow Engine, Security Engine, Content Management, OCR, OCR, FTS, Retention, Barcode Reader and other processes required for effective process automation.

Dexik Configuration Manager – an application used by the workflow system administrator to setup data structures, and workflow process, configure user access and security, manage user actions, automatic scripts, stamps, electronic forms, and other essential components of the solution.

Dexik Workflow User Console – a Windows Forms application that provides interfaces to manage work items, generate electronic forms, store and index documents, search for the indexed items, and perform other workflow tasks.

Dexik Workflow Web Console – a Silverlight 4.0 application, which is functionally identical to Dexik Workflow User Console. It provides more flexibility to the organizations that need to deploy web-based platform applications.

Dexik Workflow Automatic Processor Profiler – an application for monitoring and profiling automatic processes within the workflow.

Dexik Task Agency suite – a distributed processing system that serves as a load balancing security server and execution engine for workflow tasks..

For more information on Dexik Workflow Solution, please refer to the About DexFLOW document.


For corporations seeking for processes automation using distributed processing systems, no other product delivers the robust and flexible solution capabilities like Dexik Workflow Solution does. With its advanced management capabilities, comprehensive monitoring and analysis, and high prioritization capabilities, Dexik Workflow Solution will cut corporate costs, increase overall performance, and improve satisfaction.
When considering the workflow system implementation, please review which of the following benefits are considered the top priority for your organization:

  • increased productivity
  • document networking
  • document collaboration
  • economic benefits
  • environmental benefits, plus
  • document security and loss prevention.

When searching for a particular software, answer the following questions:

1) What are our business needs? What do we want to achieve?
2) What are the main selection criteria?
3) What is the budget and ROI for the software?
4) Do we want to settle for mediocre software or services at higher price just because it comes with the bigger name?
5) Is software with the “big name” really worth paying 2-3 times more for the same functionality?
6) Why wasting money when economy struggles?
7) Why some companies are more effective than others?

Every customer aims to gain a growing, evolving market. By making wise choices, you help the market to become more competitive, leading to higher standards in products and services. Support the active market and let your organization progress in the long run!

Whenever you are ready to talk about your needs in case management, document management, and workflow automation, we are waiting for your call or email. Our goal is to help guiding you and your company to the ultimate success.

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