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Business Solution Support for VisiFLOW

Support Services is a vital part of any company, no matter what product or service it produces. That is especially true for the companies that produce software and services vital for everyday company lifecycle. It is hard to imagine what could happen if your software just stopped performing and you were not sure what to do next. Just calling the vendor usually does not give an immediate result as only few vendors have people in their Support Services that are able to speak the same language the customer speaks.

From our own experience, the problem investigation consumes most of the time on both customer side and software side, which could be up to 70-80 % for problem investigation and 20-30% for problem resolution in the common case.

Combining our unique experience and a team of highly professional and capable people, we propose a new kind of service for our customers. Knowing your business solution, environment, and your team, we will work as Tier 1 & 2 Support engineers for any product you would want us to. We will assist you team in locating workarounds and communicating with vendor and serve as your technical support in case of any trouble.

We have gained experience in many products and suites, including VisiFLOW, FileTek, FileNet, Windows, Microsoft SQL server, and Oracle, We would be glad if our experience would serve you to resolve the issues you are currently having and make your process more effective.

We call it "Business Solution Support" program as we continuously support your business.

Let us help get you the best service for your money.

Please feel free to contact our sales representative for details.