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Publishing Preparation System


Publishing Preparation Solution is a powerful multi-tier tool designed to prepare large quantities of image files for publishing by wiping out the confidential information from the images. Confidential information can be identified by word masks or regular expressions, suitable for both free from documents and forms. Confidential information can also be identified by fixed position (templates); this approach works well only on the forms where the information maintains specific position. A template document must be of the same type of form as the documents to be processed. It is possible to define multiple templates as well as multiple masks to be set up simultaneously. The product allows using the specially designed QA station to verify identification results before wiping the information out. The user performing QA can add, modify, or delete the highlight that marks information to be hidden from the final, redacted document. 

User requirements define the way how information "hidden" from the image. Customer has a choice between placing an annotation (for TIFF/DMS) over sensitive data and burning a rectangle for permanent image modification. In case of permanent modification we recommend keeping the original document.
A customer can configure in multiple ways how documents are “triggered” to be processed for sensitive information identification and redaction. The solution can work of certain network share or database.

Mask identification requires installation and licensing of the ABBYY® FineReader® Engine 8.1 runtime. © 2007 ABBYY Software. ABBYY FineReader – the keenest eye in OCR.
The ABBYY® FineReader® Engine 8.1 runtime license must be acquired from your local ABBYY representative through Dexik, Inc.

The system allows performing publishing preparation on multiple servers/workstations to achieve the desired overall processing speed. Actual performance depends on hardware and network capabilities.

The following image formats are supported for Publishing Preparation:



Upon request, the support could be extended to the following image formats:







Why is Dexik Publishing Preparation Solution the best choice when it comes to automatic document redaction?

We believe Dexik Solution is the best for the following reasons:


Dexik Solution can be easily integrated with any Workflow and Document Management System.

Dexik Solution setup and configuration are easy and require only basic knowledge of regular expressions.

The QA Station component, which is part of the solution, provides an intuitive interface to effectively review the documents before redaction.

Dexik Solution is able to utilize multiple workstations “on-demand” for QA purposes automatically. The user should just start the application and agree to QA.

Dexik Solution allow customer to use multiple OCR Servers simultaneously to improve recognition performance when necessary.

The unique processing algorithm allows identifying “clue” data first and then looking for data to redact, greatly improving document recognition and redaction accuracy.