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Dexik is established with mission to provide high quality software services for its clients around the globe.

We are the team of top tech IT professionals with expertise and knowledge to handle all life-cycle phases of various software products, with the focus on development phase. Always eager for top tech innovations, creative and passionate for quality software development, we help our clients/partners to improve or build their IT business.

Why choose to outsource IT?

For small-to-medium sized businesses, business process outsourcing (BPO) – tasking a specific project, task, or service to a third-party provider -- is fairly common. Outsourcing tech support, customer help desk functions, and on-site maintenance all fall into this category. According to IT Management, many companies turn to IT outsourcing for access to otherwise unavailable resources: staff capabilities, hardware or infrastructure access, or other capabilities.
Outsourcing can make costs more predictable – for example, using a hosted server (instead of purchasing and maintaining your own equipment) lets businesses fix expenses at pre-set amounts each month. There are no up-front equipment expenses or variable maintenance costs beyond this fixed amount. Here are some of the reasons small businesses are outsourcing IT:

Flexibility: Companies in transition -- particularly those that are rapidly growing, moving, initiating new projects, or merging with other organizations -- like the flexibility provided by an outsourcing company. Instead of hiring new employees for temporary projects, a company can contract for specific services or for specific time periods.

Expertise: One of the most popular reasons for outsourcing any project is to get access to expert knowledge and experience that current employees can't provide. You also won't have to pay for your IT person to keep up-to-date on new techniques and programs via training. The outsource company trains those employees for you.

Access to Resources: One of the most commonly outsourced business functions is the customer service help desk. Outsourcing can help businesses without the office space, employee availability, or personnel language capacity to serve clients across time zones at all hours of the day.

Savings: Cost savings from outsourcing can be dramatic - 80% of businesses with fewer than 300 employees would realize significant savings from outsourcing e-mail management alone. IT companies are often able to provide access to services and equipment at far lower costs than your business would incur trying to go it alone.

Our main profile is to provide IT-outsourcing services in the following areas:

Service desk
Reduce risk through multi-site support and introduce remote or self-service capabilities to cut help desk costs by 30 percent to 50 percent.

IT infrastructure management.
Productivity depends on success of IT-infrastructure. Outsourcing infrastructure will improve the performance, will make expenses more transparent and save on cost of licenses, maintenance, rent and utility payments.

Application Management and maintenance jobs
A good outsourcer will reduce the cost of ownership of business applications and improve the job efficiency. Additionally by passing automation of application deployment processes to a contractor, you will save on cost of expensive specialized software.

Design and development of architecture
The entire life cycle of the company, its past and its plans for the future is known only to those, who work for the company; the company itself respond to changes in its business environment quicker and more effective. Therefore the design and development of architecture should be an internal process. An IT outsourcer can help on this, but it should not own the process.

Critical services
This is part of the IT system, which is responsible for key business processes. The ability to quickly change the service in accordance with the market situation and trends and the specifics of the business are better seen from the inside. When critical services are managed by internal IT service, the company gets a more structured service and can effectively manage it.

The company's specialists have extensive experience in designing, implementing and further support of dozens IT solutions of different level and purpose for our customers. Due to the large number of practices and ownership of a wide range of ready-made solutions, we will help you to quickly find the optimal solution for your needs, detailed process of implementation and maintenance. Future growth and extendibility as well as actions in emergency situations will be taken into consideration.

The main part of services is provided as “All inclusive” – ??the whole range of IT-services at a fixed price. This approach is the key for us and our customers – we have common goal - a stable work of the IT infrastructure. The provision of IT services is individual for each customer because every business has it owns features. The scheme of work is absolutely transparent, and the price is worth it to look at her.

Generally our clients are small companies which do not need to keep in the state the system administrator. However, a lot of companies have a number of IT-services. Company's success and effectiveness depends on the quality and stable functioning of these services. We take the implementation, support, and ensuring the smooth functioning of such services.

Technical support is provided in accordance with the basic principles of ITIL. The entire infrastructure of customers is carefully documented and recorded in our database configuration so the fast troubleshooting guaranteed. All customer requests and maintenance work are fixed in the Service Desk. Monitoring performance of servers is carried out by the monitoring system.
Particular attention is paid to organization and control backup critical data.

Our company guarantees the stable functioning of your IT resources and makes every effort to offer you the highest quality of IT outsourcing services!

We do not five empty promises. We're just doing our job. And we do it well.