Business Support Solution for VisiFLOW

Support Services is a vital part of any company, no matter what product or service it produces. That is especially true for the companies that produce software and services vital for everyday company lifecycle. It is hard to imagine what could happen if your software just stopped performing and you were not sure what to do next. Just calling the vendor usually does not give an immediate result as only few vendors have people in their Support Services that are able to speak the same language the customer speaks.

From our own experience, the problem investigation consumes most of the time on both customer side and software side, which could be up to 70-80% for problem investigation and 20-30% for problem resolution in the common case.

Combining our unique experience and a team of highly professional and capable people, we propose a new kind of service for our customers. Knowing your business solution, environment, and your team, we will work as Tier 1 & 2 Support engineers for any product you would want us to. We will assist you team in locating workarounds and communicating with vendor and serve as your technical support in case of any trouble.

We have gained experience in many products and suites, including VisiFLOW, FileTek, FileNet, Windows, Microsoft SQL server, and Oracle, we would be glad if our experience would serve you to resolve the issues you are currently having and make your process more effective.

We call it "Business Solution Support" program as we continuously support your business.

Let us help get you the best service for your money!

Exigen VisiFLOW (DMS) Conversion

Our team of experienced engineers will resolve the issues with the data discrepancies and perform data extraction quickly and efficiently, allowing you to cut costs on the services. We can do it better and faster as we know the system. Over the past 5 years Dexik has assisted numerous customers to migrate their data and images into the new solution of their choice.

We are experts in Exigen VisiFLOW (DMS) conversion, having helped our customers to convert over 500,000,000 million pages over the last few years. For DMS conversion, our system can perform at a speed up to 1 million (1,000,000) images per hour, depending on the hardware capabilities.

Exigen VisiFLOW Related Services

Dexik Components Servicing Exigen VisiFLOW:

Dexik Barcode Server

Dexik Barcode Server is an improved component that performs barcode recognition and automatic indexing on the VisiFLOW database and DMS files. It has better recognition ratio, supports more barcode formats, improves overall performance and stability of your VisiFLOW system. For more information, please refer to the Dexik Barcode Server Manual.

Dexik Import Server

Dexik Import Server is an improved component that performs allows you to import files of multiple formats into a VisiFLOW database, creating DMS files. Our component supports more format conversions and improves overall performance and stability of your VisiFLOW system. For more information, please refer to the Dexik Import Server Manual.

Dexik OCR

Dexik OCR Server is an improved component that performs OCRT/ICR recognition and automatic indexing on the VisiFLOW database and DMS files. Powered by ABBYY FineReader and Dexik’s advanced “flex-setup”, it is designed to greatly improve recognition ratios while simplifying the overall setup.

Dexik Conversion Solution

For customers who would like to convert or transfer information between different sources and formats, Dexik would like to propose our new Conversion Solution.  Data transfer and data conversion become more and more common task as customers choose between different options they have in the market. The main problem is how to convert a huge amount of data represented as DB records, files, or any other form into the new form customer desires to see.

What if the conversion source is TB of data or files? Here are the main problems:

How to convert huge data in reasonable time?

How to minimize customer's expenses related to possible work process interruption?

How to ensure that all data is converted?

How to control the process and handle possible faults?

In our system, we had found answers to all these questions. Here they are:

Our engineers have developed the advanced ways of data conversion that give you performance at the maximum of hardware capabilities.

The features of system ensure the maximum scalability that could be achieved with the existing or new hardware.

We log both successful operations and faults and will provide a customized statistic for you. Our system features ensure that no tasks are lost or hanging.

We log our operations at several levels and can customize the fault notifications so that your personnel are aware, feels comfortable and "in control". In case of any faults, we will provide a resolution in the most responsive manner possible.

Our analysts and engineers will develop a plan that allows you to make a few to no stops in your current production. Our team is ready to work on the weekends to ensure the success.

Dexik Conversion Server

Dexik Conversion Server is a stand-alone component that is designed to convert multiple document formats to the TIFF format. This component can be easily integrated with Dexik Mail Capture, Dexik Remote Scan Solution and any document management system.

Dexik Conversion server supports converting multiple formats, such as images (BMP, JPEG, PNG, ICO, GIF, XPS, MDI, DjVu), Microsoft Office suite files, Adobe Acrobat PDF/FDF, HTML, MSG/EML and XML.

The main features that make Dexik Conversion Server stand out from the competitors’ solutions are:

Dexik Conversion Server is able to convert PDF/FDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed.

Dexik Conversion Server is able to convert MS Office documents via one of the following interfaces:

  • PeerNET TIFF Image Printer
  • Microsoft Office Document Image Writer
  • Microsoft Office XPS Conversion plug-in

Dexik Conversion Server has a very simple, intuitively clear interface

Dexik Conversion Server stores all configuration parameters within one file, making the configuration easily portable.

Dexik Conversion Server is able to process MODCA files.

Dexik Conversion Server allows configuring different conversion parameters (DPI, color, etc.) for different file types and input folders.

Dexik Conversion Server allows merging TIFF files after conversion is performed.

Dexik Conversion Server utilizes the latest Microsoft .NET to work with a database for improved performance and error handling.

Dexik Conversion Server conversion configuration allows skipping certain files that cannot be converted to TIFF, such as AVI, WAV, and MP3.

Dexik Conversion Server can be integrated with any document management system.

A single instance of the Dexik Conversion server can handle multiple input folders simultaneously.

Dexik Conversion Server natively supports 32-bit and 64-bit OS

Dexik Conversion Server licensing fee is 3-10 times lower than competitors.

Dexik Conversion Server is a simple and robust solution for your document conversion needs. It is the best solution on the market at the low price, allowing your business to grow and improve without significant investment.

Dexik will guarantee the “functionality match” with any competitor – if there is a function that Dexik Conversion Server doesn’t currently support, please let us know and we’ll provide an updated version at no cost to you.