Remote Input and Indexing Solution is a powerful multi-tier tool that is designed to provide file and indexing information transfer from the remote workstations to the server side.

Files are transferred to the server side to the pre-configured folder, and indexing information is written to the multi-line
pre-configured text file on the server side.

What tasks is Remote Input and Indexing Solution designed to automate?

scanning and document importing in remote offices whether on LAN or WAN

document indexing based on the predefined or user-managed values server-based document conversion and document merge (requires optional Dexik Conversion Server)

monitor transfer and usage statistics by User

What are main advantages of Remote Input and Indexing Solution?

integration with any current or perspective document management system via Importing component

ability to utilize existing image enhancement package or any scanning software for the scanning process

all transfers being performed in background, allowing a user to process while documents are being sent to the server

easy and efficient indexing form design

advanced expansion capabilities for using custom modules for automation and validation tasks

Remote Input and Indexing Solution can be integrated with the Dexik Mail Capture and Dexik Conversion Server components. 

Working separately or together, these components allow you to greatly enhance your operations in remote offices and can be easily integrated with your existing Vertical Application, Workflow System, or Document Management System.

If required so, Remote Input and Indexing Solution can be easily complemented with Barcode Recognition and OCR/ICR recognition engines to provide indexing automation capabilities.

Remote Input and Indexing Solution setup is quick and efficient, where the server side setup is typically completed in 10-15 minutes and individual workstation setup take no more than 5 minutes.